Problem Solver

Dmitry Volkov

Areas Dmitry Volkov is Knowledgeable in:

UV-Vis and IR-spectroscopy, laser photothermal spectroscopy (especially thermal lens and photoacoustic spectroscopy), fluorescent spectroscopy, analytical chromatography

Techniques Dmitry Volkov Uses:

UV-Vis and IR-spectroscopy, laser thermal lens and photoacoustic spectroscopy, fluorescent spectroscopy, analytical chromatography

Dmitry Volkov's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. application of lasers for chemical analysis and chemical investigations
  2. investigation of nanopartical properties
  3. analytical and physical chemistry

Dmitry Volkov's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed methodics for determination of nanoparticle concentration in organic and water media
  2. I developed thermal lens spectrometer for trace element analysis and investigation of thermooptical properties of liquid adn solid samples