Innovative People

Don Going

A hands-on position in a laboratory or plant making or researching alternative fuels.
Gas Chromatography: Vitamin assays of food products and vitamin tablet products.
Identification of contaminates and/or decomposition products, ie:
Indole, Aflatoxin, etc
Utilized a variety of detectors:
• Flame ionization
• Nitrogen-phosphorus flame ionization
• Coulson Conductivity
• Nickel 63 electron Capture

Organic Synthesis:
Pharmaceutical precursors, intermediates, and radioisotope-labeled research compounds.

Recovery of silver from spent photographic fixer
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography:
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of tablet vitamin products
Primary column media used: octadecylsilane (RP18)
Eluents used: water, acetonitrile, alcohol
Utilized a variety of Detectors:
• Flow cells
• Infrared Absorption
• Ultraviolet Absorption
• Spectral absorption

Chemical Engineering:
Installation, maintenance, and operation of plumbing, tanks, mixers, pumps, and monitoring equipment

Experienced in a variety of analytical equipment:
• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
• Mass spectrometer
• Viscometer
• Colorimeter
• Kjelldahl assay of fat, fiber, and ash of food products

Chemical Operator - Compounded chemistry and maintained operation of continuous photoprocessing machines

Trojan Distributing - Quality Control Chemist, monitored and maintained product quality of bottled alcoholic beverages

Plasmodyne Research and Testing Research Chemist - Performed chemical and instrumental analyses, synthesis, and process development to customer specifications