Problem Solver

Donald Merrill

I am a Chemical Engineer graduate (1974) from the University of New Brunswick. I would like to work in chemical engineering, mostly as a Quality Control analyst, checking other engineer's work for scientific reasoning and precision. I have experience with Atomic Energy of Canada, Ethyl Corporation and NB Power.

Areas Donald Merrill is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical Engineering

Techniques Donald Merrill Uses:

Scientific reasoning and engineering principles, combined with persistence, trial and error validations, and researching similar problems for validation.

Donald Merrill's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Lead-in-air testing
  2. Fish Farming operations
  3. Potable water testing and chlorine control
  4. Cathodic protection - anode installations and testing
  5. Gas Turbine engine overhaul and repair
  6. UST Precision Leak Testing
  7. Automotive tune-ups
  8. Boiler Water testing
  9. Bioremediation and spill investigations
  10. Environmental Impact Assessment Compliance
  11. RBC sewage remediation and testing for BOD's and COD's
  12. Nuclear Operations and Licensing

Donald Merrill's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. The potable water supply at the Belledune Generating station under construction, was river water passing through a sand filter with chlorine addition after the filter. The river quality obviously fluctuated, so I suggested that the chlorine addition system should regulated by a feedback control system from a chlorine sensor upstream from the filter. I also suggested carbon filters be installed at all the drinking water locations on the construction site.
  2. I designed a foam fractionator, installed on a fish farm tank system, which was part of a conversion to a recirculating system, in order to enhance fish growth during winter months.
  3. While working at the NB Power Belledune Construction site for a 450 MW generating station, we discussed the possibility of an ammonia leak from the nearby fertilizer plant. I suggested that we should install carbon filters on our air exchange systems in the administration building during construction, and all buildings during the operation of the plant. I do not know if these measures are in place as I was on a term contract.