Problem Solver

Douglas Rawlings

Areas Douglas Rawlings is Knowledgeable in:

All of those listed (more often than not work without payment)

Techniques Douglas Rawlings Uses:

Theoretical understanding of the background and then logic as to finding solutions.

Douglas Rawlings's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Bacterial genetics
  2. Biomining, metal extraction from minerals using microorganisms
  3. Microbial metabolism
  4. Plasmid biology

Douglas Rawlings's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. The microbiology behind managing problems associated with acid mine drainage.
  2. Have served as expert witness in patent challenges and defences in the field of biomining, that is the characteristics of iron and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria and the processes involving their use to extract metals from ores and concentrates.
  3. I have been Head of a University Department (Microbiology) for 13 years plus Dean and Vice Dean for about 12 years in total.
  4. I have edited two books on Biomining
  5. I have lectured on microbial metabolism and how microbes acquire nutrients and energy for 30 years. This understanding has been applied to numerous industrial microbiology situations, e.g. tannery industry, biocide decomposition in cattle dips, acid mine drainage etc.
  6. General waste water treatment, did research on this for PhD and lectured in this for over 20 years.