Problem Solver

Dr. Bharath Kumar B.

Wait..! Till you reach me. I will give my best or take the best out the problem..

Areas Dr. Bharath Kumar B. is Knowledgeable in:

Medicine, Crime, Legal advice, Inter personal relationship etc...

Techniques Dr. Bharath Kumar B. Uses:

Logical thinking, available knowledge, internet, group discussion..!

Dr. Bharath Kumar B.'s Problem Solving Skills:

  1. How to de stress your body ?
  2. Money management, the pros and cons ?
  3. How to take care of a child ?
  4. Do's and Dont's in when you are pregnant ?
  5. What to do in life when things aren't going as planned ?
  6. How to utilise the space in your house effectively ? Interior designing..!
  7. How to maintain a relationship ?
  8. What to do in Medical Emergencies ?
  9. How to design your empty plot into a magnificient building ?
  10. How to lead a disease free life ?

Dr. Bharath Kumar B.'s Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem- Patients call up with various health problems
    I have assured them, analyzed the problem, given them differential diagnosis and advice on what should be done...
  2. Problem- Low performance in studies
    Counseling about the right ways and time of studying and relaxing just before the exams to feel fresh before the exam for better thinking...
  3. Problem- Friend's relationship with his girlfriend is strained because of ego
    I assured them that ego is actually required for a high self esteem but will cause concerns in personal relationship. So in tough times silence and compromise without losing yourself in the best option...
  4. Problem- Friend in dilemma over whether to study post graduation in India or Abroad
    After research I found that studying abroad would be cost effective and held better prospect than in India, so advised him likely...
  5. Problem- Mother approaches me about a tantrum throwing child
    I assure her that all children between 3 and 6 years throw tantrum when their needs aren't fulfilled, so fulfilling their needs and caressing is the only option...
  6. Problem- Bike's clutch wire broke in the middle of the road
    I put the bike in the lower gear when it was switched off and used the electric start to best use to drive the bike back home safely...
  7. Problem- Friend with a crashed computer
    I helped him setup an operating system over the phone...
  8. Problem- Friend with a bike not giving him enough mileage
    I advised him about the setting the ideal idle rpm, gear shift interface, maintaining proper Tyre pressure and effective use of brakes...
  9. Problem- Friend with unhealthy sleeping and eating habits with poor health
    I counseled him about healthy ways of living and he is far better today...
  10. Problem- An electrical shutdown at home
    I replaced the fuse and did the rewiring myself..