Problem Solver

Edward Richer

I have found in the past that sometimes the best answers come from people outside the area of the problem because they do not know what is or is not possible ther innocent ideas many times provide the answer or strike the correct answer in the minds of others.

Areas Edward Richer is Knowledgeable in:

motivation, inter personal, security, managorial, leadership, electrical wiring, circuit flow

Edward Richer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. 20 years of us naval communications to include circuit and phyiscal security
  2. 7 years of law enforcement to include deputy sheriff jailer, prison guard, ships police force
  3. 20 year student of self help psycology, motivation and wisdom
  4. 17 years of electronic, communication and security alarm installations
  5. Graduate of four naval leadership schools
  6. 18 years of supervisory/managerial skills
  7. experienced traveler across the US and abroad
  8. 14 years of internet usuage
  9. 1 year A= training, loading hard drives, setting up computer systems to include printers and drivers

Edward Richer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. While in the navy I had two man teams working for me and in one team one members work perfromance was dropping dramaticly. One day while his partner was in the office getting supplies I mentioned to my assistant that the member in question's performance was failing and if he didn't straighten up he was going back to his own dept which was supply. At the time of the incident we were in the yards for overhaul, and no one wanted to be in supply in the yards whether you belonged there or not. The partner overhearing the conversation ran back and told his frined and his performance return to the high standard previously held, eliminating any need for counseling or possible disaplanary measures.