Problem Solver

Edward Sobek

Edward Sobek

Areas Edward Sobek is Knowledgeable in:

Any area where microbial contamination is an issue. Also products to mitigate microbial contamination, especially green products. I own a AIHA accredited laboratory and have the ability to identify microbes to species or strain level and also test products to determine efficacy against microbes. I am especially interested in testing green products, since they are becoming preferred over conventional and often toxic antimicrobials.

Techniques Edward Sobek Uses:

To solve problems I employ both site specific investigation protocols in order to isolate source(s) of microbial contamination. I use advanced laboratory DNA detection technology (QPCR,PCR, fluoresent probe, FTIR/NIR) to identify microbial agents to either species or strain level.

Edward Sobek's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expert Witness
  2. Micro Sensitive Cosmetic Manufacturing
  3. Microbial Contamination
  4. Indoor Air Quality

Edward Sobek's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I developed and patented a fluorescent probe to detect mold spores microscopically or with a fluorescence detector.
    -I have inspected cosmetic manufacturing plants and identified microbial sources of contamination and wrote specifications for mitigation.
    -I have served as an expert witness and investigator for residential and commercial lawsuits related to mold and indoor air quality issues.
    -I have identified sources of biofilm corrosion bacteria in nuclear reactor pools.