Problem Solver

Evelyn Bedjane

Rapid turn around time. Excellent clearly written communications. All documented with references.

Areas Evelyn Bedjane is Knowledgeable in:

cell growth

Techniques Evelyn Bedjane Uses:

Excellent library and internet search skills. Exceptional reading comprehension and language skills. I read a large volume of scientific literature, scan for keywords, lay out words and ideas in a flowchart format. Compile a plan for experimentation. Follow through by outlining equipment needed, materials, chemicals, biologicals and note references withing the design protocol.

Evelyn Bedjane's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Primary Cell Culture Isolation/Purification
  2. Bioassay Development
  3. Laboratory Design-Management-Start-up
  4. Cell Culture- Media/Growth optimization
  5. Stem Cell Biology--Methods development
  6. Cell growth inhibition/proliferation

Evelyn Bedjane's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Cell culture medium development for optimization of growth of various cell types.
  2. Differentiation of human hematopoioetic stem cells into many types of tissue. Experimental design and protocol development.
  3. Development of fluorescent assays for drug screening.
  4. Isolation and purification of stem cells from rabbit adipose tissue.
  5. Acceleration of the growth of cells to generate large pellets for bioasays.