Problem Solver

Florence Mwaura

Areas Florence Mwaura is Knowledgeable in:

Academic Research, Data collection and analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Report writing, Planning and Organizing Projects, Coordinating activities for Capacity Building, Book keeping and basic Statistics, Inspirator, Team player and Voluntary activities

Techniques Florence Mwaura Uses:

I employ participatory technique from the initial stage of decision making. I also employ two-way communication as a way of giving and receiving feedback. I listen very carefully to diverse points of view. I also apply the professional approach as compared to personal approach in solving the problem. I am good at negotiating without being pushy so I always identify the middle ground.

Florence Mwaura's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fund Raising and Community Mobilization, Human Rights and Gender Issues.
  2. Team building Activities, Counselling skills, oral and written communication skills
  3. Teaching, Resource/ Business Management, Community Mobilization, Academic Research
  4. Economic Activities in developing countries, Social & cultural issues in the society.

Florence Mwaura's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I negotiated for the split of Humanities Department into Geography and History.
  2. I redrafted the Geography Curriculum to accommodate local Geography within the British Curriculum.
  3. I solved 2 cases of parents who were adamant about their children receiving Special Needs services for slow learners by involving them in the administration of the diagnostic test and guiding them on basic conception of upbringing of their children.