Problem Solver

Francisco José Puentes Vargas

Francisco José Puentes Vargas
I am looking for an innovative company that needs out of the box, creative solutions.

Areas Francisco José Puentes Vargas is Knowledgeable in:

- I am interested in Biofuels, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Profile
10 years of proven entrepreneur experience as promoter in the fields of strategic formulation and strategic planning, as well as financial planning and modeling for several projects such as:

• A Medical Center specialized in Alternative Medicine and Esthetic Medicine in Bogota.
• A Bio-Ethanol 300,000 liters/day plant in Boyacá based on sugar beet, schedule to begin production in 2010.
• A 100,000 Tons/year Bio-Diesel Plant Project in Colombia.
• A 300,000 liter/year Bio-Ethanol Project in the Western Part of Colombia
• An Industrialized Dairy Farm Project in Colombia

Techniques Francisco José Puentes Vargas Uses:

My problem solving techniques include hard analytical skills, bridge building among participants, fostering a creative environment, strong communicator and negotiator skills and consensus builder.

Francisco José Puentes Vargas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Consensus Builder
  2. Strong Negotiator
  3. Financial Structurer for Ventures
  4. Leader of Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Teams
  5. Financial Analysis and Forecasting
  6. Cost Management
  7. Business Development

Francisco José Puentes Vargas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Implementation of regional treasury, centralized financial service provider negotiation and tax efficient corporate fund transfers mechanisms. Which lead the foundation to the establishment of an in-house bank in the following years, and implanted a disciplined and centralized cash flow policy as agreed with the headquarter office in Mexico.
  2. Decentralization of the financial and administrative functions.
  3. I led the renegotiation of liabilities and credit lines. Some of the changes included extension of payment terms, and changes in interest rates.
  4. I participated and led part of the process of a private bond placement for US$170 Million.
  5. Led a SAP implementation project, with a multidivisional team, for 13 months with a budget of less than U$100.000.
  6. Design, implementation and follow up of the take-over plan. Which included, organizational culture transformation, increases in productivity, organizational structure changes, software platform migration, product launches and cost reduction initiatives. These goals were successfully achieve with peer collaboration, inclusion of opinion leaders with in the organization, and constant communication throughout the entire organization.
  7. Evaluation, implementation and co-leadership of investment projects including new product and packages launches, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers greenfield, among others