Problem Solver

Franco Rattichieri

Techniques Franco Rattichieri Uses:

to think togheter (brain storming)
to test diferents solutions for analog situations.
to merge many design, physics fundaments and electronic devices into a solution.
To keep it as simple as possible.

Franco Rattichieri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. appliances design
  2. energy eficient house
  3. integrate eletronics to non electronics (i.e. furniture)
  4. biomechanics
  5. dental implant design
  6. solar energy
  7. ergonomic solutions in sports
  8. laser prototipe development
  9. bone metabolism & regeneration
  10. working and testing materials (carbon fiber, kevlar, titanium)

Franco Rattichieri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've developed and tested a diode laser 960nm on human dental enamel, the results show a cristaline structure with increased resistant to acids.
  2. I've designed a solution for commuting. A totally enclosed city scooter that provides, dust, smoke and rain protection. The great trick is a sistem that stabilizes the vehicle under 4Km/h so the pilot doesn't need to put the foot on the ground.