Problem Solver

Frank Fowlie

Areas Frank Fowlie is Knowledgeable in:

Internet - domain name issues
Corporate Governance
Human Rights

Techniques Frank Fowlie Uses:

Shuttle diplomacy; investigation, mutual gains; mediation; arbitration

Frank Fowlie's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Doctor of Conflict Resolution
  2. Chartered Arbitrator
  3. Chartered Mediator

Frank Fowlie's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As Ombudsman, I am mandated to ensure that ICANN acts fairly in administrative processes, policy development, and its decision making.
    · Act as independent and impartial, and neutral reception, review, and investigation of complaints concerning actions, decisions, and inactions of ICANN Board of Directors, staff, and supporting organizations.
    · Serve as executive ombudsman office for alternative dispute resolution in the ICANN/Internet community. Develop operational and evaluation frameworks, complaint handling systems, ombudsman website, budgets ($500k USD), operational and annual reports, and global outreach strategies.
    · Supervise graduate level dispute resolution university learners in externship programs.
    · Wrote doctoral dissertation on the evaluation of Ombudsman programs at La Trobe University ­Melbourne.