Problem Solver

Frank Marziani

Energetic, self-motivated thinker interested in applying non-traditional methods to solve problems. Over 20 years of experience in organic-analytical chemistry. Will think "outside the box" when necessary.

Areas Frank Marziani is Knowledgeable in:

Detection and separation of chemical compounds, spectroscopic identification of chemical compounds, utilization of "green processes". Interested in developing methodology to detect minute quantities of drugs in wastewater, toxins in soils, helping pet-owners detect infections in pets.

Techniques Frank Marziani Uses:

analytical chemistry (instrumental and wet methods), synthetic organic mchemistry

Frank Marziani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analytical and organic chemistry,computer researching

Frank Marziani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a simple method to detect a compound previously only detected by trained technicians using GC. Method was transformed into a procedure that could be accomplished by non-technical staff on-site. Co-ordinted project development from conception to implementation.
    Publication using new technology to separate closely related chemical compounds in a short time-helpful to discovery team.
    Developed method that dispensed with the use of an expensive solvent in short supply (e.g. acetonitrile) and was performed in 10 minutes.