Problem Solver

Franklin Borderiuex

Provide me with enough info about any problem, I can definately come up with a tremendouse list of answers & solutions (in plural).

Areas Franklin Borderiuex is Knowledgeable in:

Product development, society & Government, Law enforcement & Justice (like FBI-CIA), Entreprenuership, Marketing, product innovations, Business and Philosophy, Critical thinking for tomorrows modernality and technology ideas/solutions, knowledgeable in restaurant field, Mystery shopping, customer service.

Techniques Franklin Borderiuex Uses:

Accessing the whole english language and narrow it all down to simple scientific philosophies related only to the current problem at hand. And then perform studies and researching on coming up with solutions related to current problems/situations. Then annalyze for a tremendouse solution to any problem/s.

Franklin Borderiuex's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. knowledgeable in the Business field on how to get the most return for a companies investment/s.
  2. Very experianced in entrepreneurship and how to be in business for yourself.
  3. Talented in how to make society and government work better together (like a politition)
  4. Experienced in the education field (such as teaching) with lots of studying techniques.
  5. Artistic and talented in graphic design field.
  6. experiance in Motivational tools to get people to move forward in their fields.
  7. research experiance in the areas of "retirement and destiny"
  8. talented in how to access the mind's filing system to creativity and invention ideas.
  9. experiance in "Fuel Economy" savings and conserving gasoline costs to society
  10. Very Talented in "TIME SAVING/strategies for companies when time is money.

Franklin Borderiuex's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Creative Critical Thinking towards finding unique creative solutions for todays world wide problems that we are all facing in the real world market today. I simply like to call it: "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE" No matter what the problem really is. No problem is too big or too small.
  2. Bicycle safety for students in school that get parents more involved in their chil'dshealth and safety to and from school. It was part of and ideas contest that I entered in Sarasota county Florida back in 1995. I came up with the most unique Ideas that one man instantly wanted to hire me right off the bat that very night at the rewards banquet for:"mproving education"
  3. Gasoline saving tips (over 500-1000 tips) to cut down on consumers wasting pocket money for higher gas prices to simply get from point "A" to point"B".
  4. Cutting energy bills in half (50%) with todays energy crisis for everyday consumer's needs as well as business's needs.
  5. Invention of a new form of a pillow that helps people slleep better. Although I can't share too much since this is one of my several inventions that I have invented or created.
  6. Cutting grocery billsin half with smart shopping techniques for everyday consumers that buy groceries at their nearby grocery store. and how they can save up to 65% off their total bill each trip to the store.
  7. The art of GIVING on how to give more of yourself to others so that they will wanna help you out in any way possible as a way to say thanks. Cause in todays world you have to give in order to recieve.
  8. I invented a "RESTAURANT GUIDE" that is similar to a phone book so that no matter what anyones budget is or taste buds is there is a fast and easy way to determine where to go-out and eat for the exact price yo can afford. This guide can be produced in any city or town that has at least 3-restaurants or more
  9. I created a major time saving strategy for stocking shelves 50% faster in any retail store that carries backstock that has to be re-worked each and every single day. Major labor savings for any retailer out there that wants to get more labor time out of their associates gauranteed.
  10. I created a whole new way to look at how metaphores work in todays world and how to use metaphores towards our advantage so that no matter what we need solutions for There is an exact way to find the solution/s out there. And I have created that new and innovative way on how to use metaphores at a much higher scale for todays problems we are all facing each and everyday we live.