Problem Solver

Fred van der Weij

I'm an independent full time product developer. I have my own product development firm with all facilities to create new stuff. I like to keep my head busy with solving all sorts of problems. I chew on them, let idea's get to the surface, play with crazy thoughts and put it together to form a consistent concept. I like to start with a problem, ideas are welcome but not necessary yet.

Areas Fred van der Weij is Knowledgeable in:

1. Products related to the use of food and beverages
2. Problems related to getting new products to market.

Techniques Fred van der Weij Uses:

No particular technique. Depends on problem to be solved, team capabilities, etcetera. Use a proven structure as a base.

Fred van der Weij's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional Inventor - Did it all the way from getting aware of a problem to getting products on the market
  2. Marketing - developed commercial plans for new products. Made strategies for product management during their life cycle
  3. Mechanical engineering - The base for my professional career. Important in every project.
  4. Manufacturing - finding manufacturers world wide, working together to get new products manufactured
  5. Environent - made studies for effect on environment for new product, technologies, materials and manufacturing
  6. Design - Made designs for presentations, websites, products, house styles, constructions etc.
  7. Business - brought new concepts for products or technologies to market.
  8. Professional Problem Solver - Created a plan to solve problems for other inventors
  9. Industrial engineering - mainly in relation to product development, solved many related problems

Fred van der Weij's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed the patented Rapid Air Technology, a method for healthy food preparation used for the Philips Airfryer.