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Gopalakrisnan S

Hello people having problems in the areas related to I.C Engines, Combustion Process, Fuel related Chemistry, Thermal Analysis , am ready to provide solutions with the give time and also all your problems are kept privacy.

Areas Gopalakrisnan S is Knowledgeable in:

I.C Engines, Combustion Process, Fuel related Chemistry, Thermal Analysis

Techniques Gopalakrisnan S Uses:

Testing and Trails
Lateral thinking

Gopalakrisnan S's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Performance Analysis of I.C engines
  2. Emission analysis of I.C Engines
  3. Thermal and Combustion Analysis especially for I.C Engines

Gopalakrisnan S's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. To overcome the above said problem, there are 2 solutions (technologies) applied and patented they are,

    1) Membrane technology
    In this technology oxygen and nitrogen separating membrane is fitted to the engine inlet. This will supply Oxygen enriched air and Nitrogen Enriched air at the appropriate to improve the combustion and to decrease the primary emissions.

    2) Air ionization technology
    In this technology the atmospheric air sent inside the combustion chamber of the I.C engine is ionized using a simple device which will improve the oxidizing property of the air. The results obtained using this technogy are increase in thermal efficiency, reduction specific fuel consumption and reduction of primary pollutants such as HC, CO, Smoke and NOx emissions.

    The complete details of above said technologies cannot be given because they are under IP of IPR cell Chennai.
  2. The air consists of 78% of Nitrogen, 21% of Oxygen and 1% of other gases by volume. However during the combustion process of an I.C Engines only 21% of O2 will take part in combustion process. The oxygen available for the combustion process is not enough for complete combustion of the hydrocarbon fuel. This results in low thermal efficiency, less power, higher fuel consumption and emission of primary pollutants in an I.C Engines. The use of pure oxygen from oxygen cylinders for enriching oxygen in the atmospheric air sent into the engine will cause explosion, drastic increase of NOx emissions and also very high power is required for producing the pure oxygen.