Problem Solver

Gabriel Escobar

Gabriel Escobar
All problems have solution just have to look in the right place

Areas Gabriel Escobar is Knowledgeable in:

Health, dental, Led lighting, solar panel, wind tubine, publishing, desingning, costumer service

Techniques Gabriel Escobar Uses:

i solve problems in one step at a time i like simple solutions the most ovious solution that did not ocurred them i dont like complicated answer that give more problems than solutions i know a little bit about everything and that help me to see the big picture and solve problems with all the tools that i have

Gabriel Escobar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Architecture
  2. energy saving
  3. ecology
  4. Design
  5. new ideas
  6. publishing
  7. marketing
  8. health, dental
  9. Automotive
  10. finance

Gabriel Escobar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i know also how to save money to companies just by telling them in what they are wasting resouces and save money
  2. i boug all the pieces and install my own home automation system, and irrigation system and they work excelent
  3. i also have some rentals, that gave the experienc to know how to hadle people how to read them,if they have good or bad intetions just by looking in some aspects of their personality.
  4. also love to work with my hand and that gave me a lot of expirience in a lot of different areas like wood working i know how to make gazebos how to make a house in term of small details wood houses and concrete houses log houses, aldo know about pluming electrical etc
  5. also know how to help in the costumer service deparment, that is onw of the most important aspect in any company and people dont realize that how the mouth to mouth adverticment is the most effective of all
  6. i sold a company that i began from scratch it was a flower and details shop i did not had money for publishing and i had the idea to put to people in the stop signs dressed like cupid with a banner with the information and it was a hit i sold the company very well
  7. i have a friend that import hardwood floors, and i help him in the finance department, explaining him about all the income and outcome how to handle their books etc
  8. also im the go to him guy to invest money i had help a lot of peolpe to invest their money i like to keep inform about the latest tecnology in about everything
  9. First, i invented some products in my area im a dentist that dont like to work with the comon products, like the mirror that dont fog and have a light incorporated
  10. i help my brother he has a publishing company and i help him with new ideas ans now he is one of the most respected pubishing companies in my country