Problem Solver

Gary Morrison

Areas Gary Morrison is Knowledgeable in:

Novel surface coatings, polymers and polymer development, composite materials especially the possibility of high temp comp materials. I am interested in the application of these materials in vehicals, boats and aircraft and even spacecraft.

Techniques Gary Morrison Uses:

The scientific method plus Naguchi exp.

Gary Morrison's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fluid rheaology
  2. Report Writing
  3. Analytical chemistry
  4. Organic chemistry
  5. Polymer R&D
  6. Physical testing
  7. Technical Drawing
  8. Coatings development
  9. metallurgy
  10. Experiment design
  11. COSHH

Gary Morrison's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a transparent conductive coating.
  2. I developed UV/EB cured coatings.
  3. I gained ten patents with ICI for digital imaging coatings which include dye sublimation patents, inkjet and colour laser printing.
  4. I developed flame retardant paints and clear coatings.