Problem Solver

Gary Terry

Gary Terry
need all the information especially what you think is irrelevant let us determine if it is or not. Alot of the times the solution you require is only part of it but its the only part you can see. layout your situation honestly and be open to a whole range of solutions that not only target what you think needs targeting but also associated parts of your business or circumstance.

Areas Gary Terry is Knowledgeable in:

Renewable energy, Job creation, food and water, engineering, offsets. pretty much anything that requires an outside the box thinker. And working with a team that is absolutely committed to solving it no matter what it takes.

Techniques Gary Terry Uses:

Its a process. Depending on the problem you dont only have to look at the solution you create but also what its impacts are this is critical so that your solution does not create even more problems. Im a global solutions creator so some of my answers may not make sense if you are a company just looking for a better product but I am sure you can determine where I may fit in.

Gary Terry's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Currently i create solutions for niche markets Specialising in renewable energy water & food security sectors

Gary Terry's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. creating an affordable housing model using precast prestressed concrete. Job creation using my own financial model and offsets. Renewable energy process using biomass and our hybrid battery technology for energy storage. Food and water processors to increase production without increasing requirements. manufacture of protypes. Desalination without the use of electricity. This is just a brief i dont know how many characters this box will hold. I am open to volunteer most of the solutions i create are ngos and charity geared anyway.