Problem Solver

George Abouseif star Proven Solver

Areas George Abouseif is Knowledgeable in:

Tobacco and cigarettes, mechanical engineering

Techniques George Abouseif Uses:

Theoretical, Analytical, Experimental, Computational. I have a vast assortment of tools acquired since my earliest days at MIT. I use all methods of thinking : Creative, Critical, inductive, Deductive, rational and irrational. I employ war strategies in solving my problems. I just do it without thinking or noticing.

George Abouseif's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. very good strategyst
  2. critical thinker
  3. very good analyst
  4. sharp observations
  5. very strong insight
  6. problem solver
  7. excellent reseacher
  8. creative thinker

George Abouseif's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have discovered a medical phenomenon that happens during GENERAL ANESTHESIA and leads to high blood loss and death especially in open heart surgery. I know how to correct this situation and even define a safer anesthetic. Do you have a customer.
  2. I developed a SMOKING CRAVING AID , If you can find a customer. I was an MIT professor in mechanical engineering and specialised in combustion, then a cigarette manufacturer for 30 years with vast experience in smoking craving and pleasures.
  3. I discovered a safe compound that can work as a "NICOTINE SUBSTITUTE" thus it makes a cigarette "KICKS" far better while nicotine is reduced or eliminated completely. Do you have a customer.