Problem Solver

George Hrabovsky

George Hrabovsky
I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in problem-solving. As a theoretical physicist of more than thirty years experience, I bring an analytical midset to any problem, along with the ability to identify the most basic elements of a problem and weed out those things that are not relevant.

Areas George Hrabovsky is Knowledgeable in:

Physics, Astrophysics, Meteorology.

Techniques George Hrabovsky Uses:

Begin with a picture, then employ dimensional analysis and estimation to determine units/basic structures of the solution/and orders of magnitude, then construct a more rigorous analysis as needed.

George Hrabovsky's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mathematica developer, consultant, and programmer for twenty years.
  2. Mathematica trainer for fifteen years.
  3. Computational science.
  4. Theoretical physics.
  5. Problem-solving techniques.
  6. Back-of-the-enevelope calculations.
  7. Professional writer.
  8. Nearly thirty years experience as a contract scientist.
  9. Military analyst.
  10. Past professor.

George Hrabovsky's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Determination of the form of a coordinate patch in a hyperbolic space.
  2. Conversion and analysis of graphical satellite data.
  3. Comparison of timing values for large integer matrix inversion.
  4. Calculation of the influence of lunar tidal forces on atmospheric pressure.
  5. Document conversion.
  6. Calculating the Lyapunov exponent for dynamical systems.
  7. Development of a simulation of the two-body problem and the three-body problem.
  8. Linear regression analysis of experimental data.
  9. Development of a simulation for electric fields.
  10. The contact problem of a spherical indenter and a cubical block.