Problem Solver

Gillens Mwansa

Gillens Mwansa

Areas Gillens Mwansa is Knowledgeable in:

management relationships
motivation speaker
consent initiatory
concept innovator
financial crises
events preparation

Techniques Gillens Mwansa Uses:

SWOT i evaluate the strength,weakens,opportunities and traits of a situation
breakdown analysis were i order the heir achy of the challenge
management section i advocate that man is the most important capital the company has and they optimum production depends on the input the people put in for this i have designed a formula

Gillens Mwansa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. marriage couselling
  2. am able to come up with creative business proposals
  3. able to play a bass guitor and can write songs
  4. motivational of workers to amplify there performance
  5. management
  6. desing cards and poems
  7. consultant
  8. sricpt writing and arting
  9. micro finance knowledge
  10. markerting mix
  11. innovation concept
  12. how to hanble patients am able to teach how to be skillful in hanbling sick people
  13. for society am a youth leader who hanbles youths and creat adventerous creative programme to develop their pesonal lives

Gillens Mwansa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -i have 5years experience in micro fiance
    -i have handed alot of cases with customer quarries
    -i have developed my own theory of solving problems