Problem Solver

Gokul Krishnan

Areas Gokul Krishnan is Knowledgeable in:

converting environmentally unfriendly materials into eco-friendlier materials and processes.
mechanical engineering mechanisms and techniques
injection moulding problems- change in part detailing / tooling to resolve the problems
convering ideas into working prototypes

Techniques Gokul Krishnan Uses:

sketching,( thinking on paper that is), comuter aided 3D modeling using ProEngineer Wildfire, next working day Rapid Prototyping to validate design for assembly and functionality, i rely on my extensive curosity driven knowledge of a wide variety of material technology and manufacturing process understanding. i have a good hands on work experience in using hand tools and machine tools for fabrication.

Gokul Krishnan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. design for manufacture
  2. appropriate design
  3. value engineering
  4. pasive solar energy devices
  5. industrial design
  6. plastic product design
  7. rapid prototyping
  8. working prototypes
  9. rapid tooling

Gokul Krishnan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Vacuum chamber made of gravity cast aluminium leaded due to porosity in casting process. devised an innovative post process to infuse diluted epoxy sealent into the exterior of the casting and sealed leakages 100%
  2. injection moulded modular plastic palettes replace conventional metal panels or wood shuttering for casting of Reinforced Concrete in building construction. cost effective, reduces carbon foot print, reduces transportation costs, reduces time to errect by 60%, reduces manual labour by 80%, reusable 100 times (compared to 10 reuses of wood and 30 reuses of metal panels)
  3. designed a business machine weighing 12 kgs with only 2 screw fasteners. all the rest of the joinery and assemblies were snap fitted, maximising the power of injection moulded plastics. (client GODREJ & BOYCE Mfg CO LTD)
  4. sketch to working prototype of a communication device in just 2 weeks, (client Microsoft Corporation )
  5. created a completely snap fitted (no fasteners used) 9 part assembly for a medical device (client CIPLA LTD)
  6. converted an idea into a working prototype and supplied producton parts for a patented car shaped desktop computer, complete with DVD drive, blinking head and tail lamps (client ICONPCS INC)
  7. brought in sunlight into an office interior to avoid the use of artificial lighting during the day.