Problem Solver

Graham Kemp

Graham Kemp
I have a proven track record in growing businesses

Areas Graham Kemp is Knowledgeable in:

Marketing Agency Management

Techniques Graham Kemp Uses:

Listening. Watching. Brainstorming. Coaching.

Graham Kemp's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. visionary
  2. entrepreneur
  3. team building
  4. coach
  5. business planning
  6. objective setting
  7. business growth through client acquisition
  8. promotional marketing
  9. chairmanship
  10. articulation

Graham Kemp's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. founded a marketing communications business that became one of the largest privately held communications companies in the world.
  2. created the Marketing Agency Association Worldwide (MAAW) global awards programme called the Globes
  3. when a durables manufacturer client wanted to promote sales but had no budget I managed to get the entire programme funded by third parties
  4. when the Marketing Communication Consultants Association found it had a tired image and stagnating membership I drove a programme to re-invent the proposition and increased membership by 50%
  5. when a marketing organisation had no way of tracking the effectiveness of its advertising I devised a method of tracking all enquiries and sales and relating them back to media to create a total effectiveness model
  6. when a housing association could not raise the funds to commence work on a house building plan I stepped in and built a costing and cash flow model that enabled the local authority to loan the money
  7. when my agency merged with another business I led the process to integrate the offers and devised a complete re-positioning and alignment plan