Problem Solver

Harshwardhan Gupta

Harshwardhan Gupta
I can be contacted to provide detailed solutions / prototypes to solve all kinds of problems which require a mechanical solution.

Areas Harshwardhan Gupta is Knowledgeable in:

Harshwardhan Gupta has been designing complex machines for the last 31 years, most of which are India's First, and many are World's First. He has recently been named as a co-inventor in a U.S. Patent Application for Banknote Counting, Validating and Storage system for use on Gaming Tables in Casinos. He is a graduate of mechanical engineering from the famous IIT Bombay. In his career spanning 32 years, he has run more than 60 major design-to-prototype-proving projects, with sustained hands-on experience of assembly and troubleshooting. He has developed special competencies in the high-tech domains of high-speed mechanisms, complex pneumatic systems, maintenance-free and adjustment-free systems, complex drive and linkages, complex mechanization and automation, and machines which are low on energy consumption. Many of his designs have proved to be runaway successes. Besides designing machines, he has also written many articles on design and technology issues, and has run a popular column, Harshwardhan Gupta's Design Tips in the Industrial Product Finder for 20 issues

Techniques Harshwardhan Gupta Uses:

Lateral thinking, reducing the problem to an abstraction, concentration / relaxation.

Harshwardhan Gupta's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Machine Design
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Energy and material saving
  4. Mechanism Design
  5. Drive-train Design
  6. Pneumatic Design
  7. Providing training in machine design
  8. Technical writing
  9. Problem analysis > lateral thinking > solution synthesis
  10. Idea transplantation

Harshwardhan Gupta's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed a First-in-the-world machine to mass-manufacture a newly invented type of mosquito-repellent coils from cardboard and paper rather than wood flour. Machine can be seen at
  2. Designed a First-in-the-world parts accumulator for automatic in-process storage-retrieval of aluminium collapsible tubes, without its own drive. Machine can be seen at
  3. Designed a First-in-the-world machine for off-line folding of Mylar balloons. Machine can be seen at
  4. Designed a First-in-the-world machine to make a variable pitch scroll used in bottling lines by generating method. More information at
  5. Designed a First-in-the-world stacker-destacker for large trays full of freshly made IV fluid bottles. Machine can be seen at
  6. Designed a First-in-the-world mechanical system to measure the effort required to type on a mechanical typewriter.
  7. Designed a new kind of linkage for driving a soap stamper, which levels out the torque load on the motor without a flywheel. Machine can be seen at
  8. Designed a simple system to prevent foaming while filling a foaming agent into 50-gallon drums.
  9. Designed a system to dewater coconut pith (a spongy material) with 90% moisture, bringing it down to 50% moisture. Machine can be seen at
  10. Designed a First-in-the-world versatile machine which can make tropical, alu-alu, AFT and PVC blisters. Machine can be seen at