Problem Solver

Henrietta Robinson

I look forward to helping you reach your goal and that is to resolve the issues.

Areas Henrietta Robinson is Knowledgeable in:

Business ownership -- all phases of business development and all business industries; Publishing software; start up funding; private equity funding; private placement funding.

Techniques Henrietta Robinson Uses:

The techniques I employ are derived from many sources:
--hands-on real world experience in sales/marketing/software development/business development/financing/renewable energy.
--Internet. On average, I spend 10-12 hours on the internet conducting business and researching information for clients.
--By telephone. When clarification is required, a human is needed.

Henrietta Robinson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. private equity funding
  2. How to apply for grants
  3. Business Plan Development
  4. Secure Government Contracts
  5. Start up capital
  6. Business development
  7. private placement funding
  8. conducting business internationally

Henrietta Robinson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. A business client owes a staffing and personnel company. She was in danger of losing a lucrative contract unless she located a qualified Housing Specialist for a VA hospital immediately. I had the client send me the job description and I immediately posted the job on several websites, such as and and sent the job post to several small business owners located in that area. At 6:00 am the next morning, I had received 23 resumes and one particular resume was the perfect fit for the job and my client maintained the contract.
  2. Business Owner #1 - Janitorial business had a steady flow of clients and was awarded a government contract. He did not have the funding available to successfully fulfill the contract. I located another business owner (#2) that was a relatively new startup and arranged a joint venture opportunity. Now a year later, both business owners are still working collaboratively.
  3. A client started a bakery in 2008 and immediately began encountering financial losses. The client was preparing to close the bakery 7 months after starting it until I advised the client to start advertising the use of her commercial grade kitchen for use to local caterers in the DC Metropolitan area. Using this method, the client was able to increase her revenue and today she is still in business.
  4. In 2008, I was working with a client as a business development consultant. The client was a start up renewable energy company and he had received $450 million dollars in 144a bonds. There was a federal agency assigned to assist the client in monetizing the bonds. After numerous failed attempts in locating a bank willing to custody the bonds, I began researching the potential problems with the bonds and in less than 3 hours of research to discover that the bonds were not DTC eligible. The federal agency literally spent 5 months trying to figure out the problem. Now understanding the issue, the client was able to renegotiate the terms of his deal; have the bonds converted to electronic bonds; have them cleared through Euroclear/Crest and he saved $8 million as a result of my findings.