Problem Solver

Brian Jacobsen

Brian Jacobsen
Just write me and you'll find what you search for.

Areas Brian Jacobsen is Knowledgeable in:

how focus, thoughts and emotions are sprouted from a certain energetic state of mind.

How to raise vibration, motovate, encourage one another to step into a higher expression for one self and everyone

Techniques Brian Jacobsen Uses:

Thinking out of the box, creating multiple perspectives and the ability to focus on one problem for up to years to get the pieces of information to crack the pattern.

understanding of the cognitive functions and pattern recognition tool called the Mind

Brian Jacobsen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. mindmap, mindtrainer, intuitive teacher and selftaught
  2. ability to dive deep and explore from multiple perspectives
  3. great visualization skills and to communicate such ideas
  4. Visionary, Self-Employed with focus on trust & openness

Brian Jacobsen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem: scarcity mindsets in highly developed countries
    Solutions: mindtraining course guiding to work from a place of rest, joy and confidence.
    My role: facilitating and structuring the process + the courses