Problem Solver

Indrakumar Elango

Ecology protection. Gene Protection.

Areas Indrakumar Elango is Knowledgeable in:

Wide application of Homoeopathy, and nutrition to many other fields.

Techniques Indrakumar Elango Uses:

Patience. Silence. Signals - gestures.

Indrakumar Elango's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Endurance
  2. Computer, household minor self-repairs
  3. Good Observer
  4. Economy - How save even a little pie?
  5. Sympathy

Indrakumar Elango's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. An helping hand to majority of mentally ill patients.
  2. Once to a shop keeper i requested to give back the extra money he took from me i.e., Rs. 50/- (Indian Value) towards the purchase of Mobile SIM though particular offer stock was available only with him in that small town.

    When the shop owner, staff, his friend got irritated after my persistent and patient request in different ways, they spoke vulgarly so that i may go away. [that too in a area where i was studying for doctorship.]

    I just said "put the stool here let me hear all the vulgarity you use towards me patiently."

    These words made them to shun abruptly the use of all vulgarity!

    Lastly i got back my money of Rs.50/-.