Problem Solver

Ingvald Nordland

If I understand the problem I will/will not got a solution after a short period. If its good? my be /my be not.

Ingvald Nordland's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have build entertainment equipmentfrom gruoud floor.
  2. I can often see solutions after I have been confronted whith a problem
  3. I can make my own design.
  4. I have build construstion to help people with tired eyes after a long day with computer.
  5. Different approach in teaching children and teenagers.
  6. Find solutions with less tools (first aid)
  7. Make arrangement for people from different countries.
  8. Rebuilding old equippment to another use.
  9. Make photos with another wiew.
  10. Work with Lay outs

Ingvald Nordland's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have made a equipment to solve / made less pain after long day with computers. It have been tested by a doctor (eye specialist) positiv. Not patented yet.
  2. Solved placing of light beem on the catepillar machine - in factory.
  3. Rebuild old hens cave system to new rules. Plan and work.
  4. Making new solution to enertainment. Hardware and software prodused.
  5. Have made a lot of notes and drawings for solutions i dont have completed.
  6. Create new games.
  7. Finding and planning things to do with people from different contries.