Problem Solver

Ion Nicolaescu

Ion Nicolaescu
I am a creative, proven engineer with diversified experience, effective in identifying key issues in complex situations.
I thrive in an environment demanding solving challenging problems and exploring new directions.

Areas Ion Nicolaescu is Knowledgeable in:

- Applied Physics
- Design
- Quality
- Statistics
- Chemical Engineering
- Ceramics
- Sensors and signal conditioning

Techniques Ion Nicolaescu Uses:

mathematical modeling

Ion Nicolaescu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Pollution control systems for power plants
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. LEDs
  4. Nuclear fuels, ceramics, materials science
  5. Heat management, heat transfer, thermoelectric devices
  6. Color balance, photometry, radiometry
  7. Statistics, Minitab, Six Sigma Green Belt
  8. Excel, VBA, MatLab
  9. Analog electronics
  11. Data acquisition
  12. Life Cycle Assessment, GaBi
  13. Sensors, signal conditioning
  14. Digital signal processing

Ion Nicolaescu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I enabled construction of novel portable device displays and micro-projector prototypes by assuming using ProENGINEER and designing mechanisms and optical layouts.
  2. - I enabled the measurement of molten glass spectra by designing and constructing a spectrometer for visible and infrared light.
  3. - I contributed to the design of the Hot Gas Clean-Up system of the Polk power plant by performing process modeling for heat and material balances, thermodynamics, flow pressure loss, and heat transfer.
  4. - I produced experimental proof of the possibility of producing aluminum nitride with high yield at temperatures lower than in current industrial processes.
  5. - I designed and built portable sensors for body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure monitoring, including their electronics for signal conditioning and power sources, and system integration. I developed data fusion algorithms for extracting information from extremely noisy signals.
  6. - I enabled design of displays and micro-projectors for portable devices by developing analytical programs for modeling LED and laser diode light sources.
    - I performed electrical, radiometric, and photometric measurements for light collection efficiency, color balance, power, and heat management.
    - I designed heat management systems for light engines.