Problem Solver

Isaac Martens

Isaac Martens
After speaking with someone for 5 minutes or so, I have a pretty good idea if they have the potential to make money with their website or in social media.

Areas Isaac Martens is Knowledgeable in:

website monetization and social media

Techniques Isaac Martens Uses:

I assessed his website to see how seo-friendly it was, how user-friendly and how conversion-friendly it was to see what potential it had to be monetizable.

I also assessed where he was currently spending his advertising budget and redirected it to more ROI-generating areas. 8 months later, he is extremely happy with the results.

Isaac Martens's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I do Site Analysis, Internet Marketing Strategy/Consultation & Development

Isaac Martens's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. We took this website: and converted it to this:

    The client's first problem was getting more traffic to the website.
    The client's second problem was that any traffic that did get to the website didn't convert into leads.

    The challenges were to assess the site to see how conversion-friendly (or not) it was, to come up with a plan based on the client's budget, background/experience with Internet Marketing and the goals the site was to accomplish.