Problem Solver

Jad Ghaziri

Jad Ghaziri
Not everyone needs training and certificates to prove they have what it takes. Its all about the approach to a problem or a situation, and this doesn't necessarily need to be taught in all cases.

Areas Jad Ghaziri is Knowledgeable in:

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirituality, Sports, Music, Film, Architecture, Money.

Techniques Jad Ghaziri Uses:

First off I never call it a problem, because that instantly establishes 'something wrong' in your mind. I call them challenges. It is most important to be aware of all the given's (what who, how where when and why) and then breakdown the 'challenge' into a series of smaller challenges, and keep doing so until the steps are visible to you, at the same time keeping in mind challenges are given to us as obstacles to grow and learn from, rather then get frustrated over.

Jad Ghaziri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Peoples person, musician, athlete, landscape architect, NLP and spirituality.

Jad Ghaziri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Family problems (who would expect the youngest in the family to solve it)
    Perceiving Life/Lifestyle (changing a person's viewpoint to show the beauty of things)
    Inter-lingual Negotiation (Effective translation and understanding to reach a solution)