Problem Solver

Jaime Brown

Techniques Jaime Brown Uses:

Scientists were studying a monkeys ability and desire to play a computer game.they used treats to entice him play to higher levels. obvious an intelligent animal.Soon the monkey began to like playing his game so much, he lost interest in food altogether too motivated to stop playing. One morning the scientists removed the mouse.The monkey stared at the screen pulling his ears hen they tried coaxing him , intensely fixed on the screen. Then the scientists saw the cursor moving, they were astonished. The monkey as moving the cursor with his mind, to play! He did not understand the only way to move the cursor was with the mouse. He only knew that he needed to move the cursor to play and he just wanted to play.
‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible.’
Fool, Joker.I'm your huckleberry.

Jaime Brown's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Coctail waitress, Bartender, hostess, prep cook, vcation rental manager, freelance investigator, Joker worth betting on, fool

Jaime Brown's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Distracting attention to deescalate violence,working with people in crowded places with too much to do in short frames of time, keeping things in perspective. Making conversation and meeting interesting people traveling in search of a good time is not a very hard problem usually but people vary in their frame of minds and happiness, the ones that are unhappy tend to believe only another person could change it, making for interesting rp in hospitallity.