Problem Solver

Jaime Garcia

I use very creative techniques to solve problems and have been recognized by national president of major engineering society.

Areas Jaime Garcia is Knowledgeable in:

Steam power plants, mechanical systems, household appliances and equipmen including yard tools, and automoblile add on equpment to improve efficiency.

Techniques Jaime Garcia Uses:

I use efficiency programs and my sketching and computer drawing ability to show my mechanical analysis and design.

Jaime Garcia's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Power Plant cycle analysis steam turbines and entire power cycle, heaters,
  2. Automobile add on equipment to improve efficiency
  3. small household appliances
  4. small security systems
  5. Mechanical systems in general

Jaime Garcia's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I own one US patent proven to improve power plant efficency and have written several patent applications, and provisional patent applications. Have completed numerous reports on efficiency improvement.
  2. Have worked several years on automobile maintenance engineering modification.
  3. Have designed numerous household tools and equipment.
  4. Have worked on numerous mechanical systems as plant manager and engineering manager.