Problem Solver

Jairus Muhehe

Jairus Muhehe

Areas Jairus Muhehe is Knowledgeable in:

Other areas of skill include proposal writing, data collection management, design of advanced analytical framework, advanced statistical analyses (PhD level), report writing and monitoring and evaluation studies. Fields of experience include natural resource management, socio-economic studies, health, gender related studies, ICT impact studies, marketing studies, business management studies, environmental management and infrastructural development.

Techniques Jairus Muhehe Uses:

advanced statistical analysis

Jairus Muhehe's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Grant writing, Proposal writing, statistical research analyst, data management, PhD , masters thesis writing

Jairus Muhehe's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Basic research skills which I possess include tested capacity to single handedly conduct every stage of a monitoring and evaluation exercise from proposal design to report writing without assistance. Additional skills include capacity to write an academic paper without supervision on any topic in agricultural economics. In addition I have the capacity to write a PhD dissertation in agric-economics with 5 percent of the supervision required for any normal student. This results from the long experience (20 years ) I have had in the academia by successfully assisting over 15 PhD candidates and over 80 graduate students to innovatively design the analytical framework and actual statistical analyses of dissertations.