Problem Solver

Jake Schwierking

Jake Schwierking
I do not know everything about one thing but I know at least one thing about everything. I try to use my broad knowledge as a tool for solving all problems whether it life, school, work, or relationships. I think of it as a strength as opposed to a weakness.

Areas Jake Schwierking is Knowledgeable in:

Optical Science, physics, general science knowledge, vermicomposting, biodiesel manufacturing, green solutions

Techniques Jake Schwierking Uses:

I have a very broad education as opposed to a very specific one. I believe that allows me to incorporate other ideas or ways of thinking about a subject which typically is outside of the box.

Jake Schwierking's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. vermicomposting
  2. lasers
  3. vacuum systems
  4. biodiesel manufacturing

Jake Schwierking's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am working on an invention right now that i will submit for provisional patent application. i am the sole inventor.

    I was coordinator for a 1000+ person fundraiser which meant I needed to organize locations, merchandise, and time.

    I am a lab instructor where students ask on the spot questions about topics you may not be prepared for and you must give them an answer immediately.

    My father and I recently replaced our A/C unit and duct work. We did the majority of the work on the roof/site, not in a shop with countless tools. This meant several times we were improvising with what we had to make it work. SUCCESS!