Problem Solver

Jamal Panhwar

Jamal Panhwar

Areas Jamal Panhwar is Knowledgeable in:

Tourism, Green Technology, Internet, Business Management, Strategy Planning, create vision and mission

Techniques Jamal Panhwar Uses:

Use theories of mangement and organizational behavior or prefessional & inter-personal problem solving. While for technical problem solving for example in web site or internet communication I use the technology to find ways to solve problems.

Jamal Panhwar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creative and innovatiove logo and profile designer
  2. Knowledge of envioronment impact on industry and can design ways to improve green technology
  3. Using Internet and computers extenssively since 1996 made my first web site in 1996 complete command over HTML, Perl , php and
  4. Have taught people in business for computer, business, motivation, presentation and other soft skills
  5. Over 20 years in tourism expert in contracting, tour designing, adventure activities, conference planning, comference or incent
  6. Can solve different problems arising from professional behavior have knowledge of organization psychology, motivation and job s
  7. Being in tourism have great exposure to different type of food services can give advise and service for food services
  8. Horticulture Experience can advise of seeds seasons or landcaping as well
  9. Can design Bio Gas plants for residences and businesses.
  10. Strategic Planing, Defining Vsion & Mission, creating profile, advising on new and exsting businesses

Jamal Panhwar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Have implemented Biogas Project in South east Pakistan to provide biogas to 10 households from buffalo dung
  2. Handle a large conference of 400 people from arrial at airport to hotel reservations conference programs and local sightseeing
  3. Started my own company 1997 and started from scratch and now am leader in touroperators of Pakistan
  4. Created new strategies in my previous company and started a new domestic tourism section and ran it successfully for 10 years.
  5. Created a web site for medical industry and rose the visitors from 10 to 10000 per day