Problem Solver

James Gibson

Truth be told. If you have a problem with anything, espescially mechanical, Im the man to ask. Im an expert at finding the one solution that everyone overlooks. Even if I dont have an answer I just start learning all I can until I find the solution.

Areas James Gibson is Knowledgeable in:

Green Energy

James Gibson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Horology. Knowledge of timepieces and similar internal mechanisms
  2. Green Energy. I independently study Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Hydrogen, and other alternative energy sources.
  3. Mental health. Mental disorders regretfully run in my family, so I am something of an expert by experience rather than study.
  4. Programming. Visual basic, C++, and Javascript
  5. Arts. Sculpting, paintings, writing, poetry, comics, drama, and music.

James Gibson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Im constantly called upon to repair timepieces. from ladies watches to large clock towers.
  2. Although I cant name the exact innovation, Im currently building a new model hybrid car that uses no fossil fuels.
  3. Two months ago I knew nothing about solar panels. Then one of my friends asked me to fix his roof cells. Now his house is entirely powered by solar cells where previously it was only partially. This is a prime example of how I aquire my skills. Someone asks me a question that I have no answer to, and some time later I solve it.