Problem Solver

James Jones

Areas James Jones is Knowledgeable in:

philosophy, religion, research, library science, book publishing

Techniques James Jones Uses:

#1. Education:
created a mental code of reading the entire call number to save time in shelving. As a result, I shelved 8 cart of books in one 8 hr day, which is equivalent to 1 cart per hour. One cart is equal to approximately 120 books.

#2. Marketing:
When I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation, Organized the sales communication center by first creating a card catalogue system by taking each glossy and putting the glossy titles in alphabetical order. The sales reps could then go to the catalogue and locate the glossy name by alphabet and then locate the glossy or manual in the respective locations.

#3.Packing: I was put on a tractor trailer truck with rollers extending from the conveyer belt to the insides of the truck. Instead of putting packages on the individually and pushing them on the rollers to the conveyer belt, I stacked several packages on the rollers and pushed all the packages with one box. I was resting while I was pushing the boxes; This gave me more energy to go faster.
#4. Research.
While research requires locating accurate materials quickly, I memorized the locations of all book sections in the library.

#5. Publishing. While working at a publishing company, I increased production time by cutting books at a higher rate without exercising a lot of energy.
Cutting books require both precision and speed. Three areas of the book had to be trimmed after coming off a binding machine. A. the front, B. the bottom and the top. It takes entervals of 60 seconds to cut a book. I locked myself into 30 second entervals by putting a watch beside me. I stacked about 30 books beside me on the counter of cutter by arranging them within hand distance with the spine turned towards me. Everything became simultaneous movement for me; taking the book off the stack, inserting it under the cutting blade and cutting. Result: I could cut a large rack of books in less than a hour.

James Jones's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. organizing library
  2. publishing
  3. reading call numbers
  4. library science
  5. research

James Jones's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. #1. Education: I shelved 8 cart of books in one 8 hr day, which is equivalent to 1 cart per hour. One cart is equal to approximately 120 books.
  2. #4. Research: By learning resources and utilizing the method in item number #1, I was able to locate special materials for student patrons quickly.

    #5. Book cutting is an essential part of production in a publishing companies. I became the 2nd best book cutter behind a man 15 years younger than me.
  3. #3. Packaging: While working as a student at UPS, I unloaded a tracktor trailer truck below the average time of 2 hrs.
  4. #2. Marketing: I saved approximately 30 minutes for sales Reps.