Problem Solver

Jill Ehlers

I have always been an innovative thinker and I am sure that I have the skills you are seeking.

Areas Jill Ehlers is Knowledgeable in:

Optical, Writing (I wrote a Childrens Book) Therapeutic energy work on animals (my Passion) and some humans too. People always call me a font of information (though sometimes useless). I sometimes know things that even I wonder where I picked it up! I love birds and animals and gardening and have a pretty green thumb. I love to play the detective and research different ways to solve my problems.

Techniques Jill Ehlers Uses:

Every problem is unique in how you solve it. Sometimes its technical and you might have to think your way out of it. Other times its simple creativity and a stick to it attitude that gets the job done. With my invention I had a great idea and the very next day I created a working prototype. I just knew instinctively how to make it and it worked! Sometimes things are just given to me and I don't argue! I also love to do the research needed to solve the puzzle.

Jill Ehlers's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. People always came to me to fix many other things than eyeglasses when I was an optician.
  2. My children still come to me to talk when they need a shoulder.
  3. I raised 2 children who are grown and self sufficient, and we all know that kids have many problems as they grow up!
  4. When I see something that does not work quite right, I figure out a way to make it work.
  5. I practice Therapeutic Energy for animals to help fix their problems such as trauma, stress,illness, injury etc.
  6. People always come to me when they are down and seem to feel much better after our conversation
  7. I was an optician for many years and used innovative ways to fix broken frames for people who could not afford new ones.
  8. I invented a product to solve a problem
  9. I came up with my own line of eyeglass chains when the ones that were out there I felt were of inferior quality.
  10. I listen, think, and solve.

Jill Ehlers's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. My girlfriends little 2 yr old had a very bad diaper rash with yeast infection. Nothing the Dr. gave her was working. So I did a little research into which hydrosol might help and she usedit and the rash/infection was gone in 2 days. She keeps it on hand at all times.
  2. I did not like the ants and earwigs getting into my hummingbird feeder so I got a toilet plunger and took the rubber part off and turned it upside downand attached it to the post I was mounting the feeder on and put the feeder over it and filled the rubber part with diotomaceous earth knowing that ants and bugs can't crawl through it without killing themselves. My feeders stay much cleaner longer now.
  3. I didn't like to use a traditional mop on my kitchen floor, so I got out two car wash mitts and put them on my feet and dancer-mopped. Great exercise and it worked great. Now I see a similar product in catalogs for sale! I also made a boardgame as a fundraiser for Babe Ruth baseball, The Game Of Ashland. It made in excess of $4000.00 for the teams
  4. I use detective work and problem solving all the time with the animals I work with to figure out what might be wrong and how to fix it. I also make up mixes of hydrosols (essential oil waters) for internal and external use for the special needs of each animal.
  5. When a certain Therapeutic Energy technique is not quite getting the job done for an animal, I come up with another way of doing it and have had great results.
  6. I had people come in with beloved frames that the paint had chipped or peeled off of and they asked me to hand paint them back to original so I said sure and gave it a try with model paints and they were thrilled. The mottled mock tortoise shell were the most fun to duplicate!
  7. When I could not find a part that would fit to fix an eyeglass problem, I would get out my dremel and fashion a part to make it fit.
  8. I had a lady bring me a crystal goblet that was part of a very special set to her. The whole top rim had broken off in an odd way leaving it with an uneven rim. She asked if I could use my (optical) hand grinding stone to smooth the edge down and make it even around the rim. Although I had never done it before, I said sure and it turned out pretty darn good!
  9. As I said, I invented a product that is now in patent pending status to solve a travel related problem that I had. The manufacturing and marketing process has just started.
  10. People came to me with all kinds of odd problems with their glasses. One of the most common is a broken temple. We had boxes of different types of temples and I would go through and find the best fit for looks and function.