Problem Solver

José Miguel Miniño Vera

José Miguel Miniño Vera
I'm very happy finding solution to problems. If this way let me do an earn some money (or too much money) it would be wonderful.

Areas José Miguel Miniño Vera is Knowledgeable in:

Architecture, Design, Building efficiency, Complex mechanisms, Life & World in general.

Techniques José Miguel Miniño Vera Uses:

Generally is based on a deep analysis strictly oriented to determine the "basal problem" and search the most precise diagnostic of it. A precise diagnostic of the basal problem usually gives you more than the 90% of the solution. I often let the brain work by itself, it have incredible capacities to solve problems, when we let it work alone.

José Miguel Miniño Vera's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expert in Root Cause Analysis
  2. Damage diagnosis on Buildings and Architectural structures
  3. Restoration, Refurbishing, Renew and Reuse of Old and Historic or Heritage Buildings
  4. Multipurpose Hall of activities including art exhibition hall
  5. Flooding of urban areas by rising rivers
  6. Irrigation of a desert area near the coast
  7. Low cost climate control for a children school
  8. Low cost climate control for a wine production plant and warehouse
  9. Other researches and developments.

José Miguel Miniño Vera's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. A big beverages & beer company owns a 5.000 sq.ft hall for conferences, workers instruction, company meetings events an fests, new products presentation and promotion between other uses. They need to use the same space as a fine arts public gallery. The problem was, each use need to disassemble the current exhibition and mount it again after the event. And the Art Gallery couldn't be closed too frequently.
    Solution was a project of a special rail grid on the ceiling with a mechanism, invented by me (Pat. pending), that hang exhibition panels as well can be elevated an displaced easily to a side of the hall. Exhibitions don't need to be disassembled, displacement of exhibition panels takes 20 to 30 minutes. Then the period that Art Gallery is closed doesn't exceeds the event period plus 1 hour.
    I'm responsible of the whole challenge, conceiving the concept, system, mechanism and operation as well the drawing development, coordination of manufacturers and construction supervision,.
  2. In the north area of Chile, a vacation home have a very large garden, water cost in the area made impossible to irrigate it properly and was absolute dry. I developed a low cost system to elevate water from the sea to desalinate it, with a very simple and low maintenance solar desalinization system (Pat. pending). That water also is used for home consumption.
    When I knew my friend problem, take the challenge and develop the system.
  3. Public education schools in Chile have no enough budget for air conditioners. Summer activities have non adequate conditions to develop. A simple system of tensioned cables, taking horizontal and vertical awnings was developed. Working as a shade element, reduces the radiation and furthermore, as drivers of air or wind to maximize the air circulation, as an efficient passive climate controller.
    Looks as many big color sails and looks beautiful.
    As architect I was called to solve a school project with a minimal budget.
  4. Climate control and stability of temperature are critical for wine production and aging phase. Each Celsius grade you need to increment or decrease, in big an large spaces, spent too money. Application of vertical and horizontal awnings as a second skin and as drivers of air or wind to maximize the air circulation, let's reduce the air conditioning cost to a 46,4%.
    As architect of the winery was called to reduce operation costs.
  5. Probably soon, I may give you more detail about topics related to non contaminant energies, low cost construction or infrastructure systems, and others under development or waiting for patent.
  6. Project for a multilevel channel where the river goes in the center and lowest level, sloped park areas in both sides of the river line to contain water of usual increase of water volume. One or both sides highway for normal traffic use, except on big flood periods, when is closed to traffic and uses it's capacity to conduct water out of urban areas, highways are surrounded by other sloped park areas calculated to contain the highest historic flood.
    I conceive the idea, develop the project and calculate requirements and dimensions.