Problem Solver

Jose Simeon Rogers

Areas Jose Simeon Rogers is Knowledgeable in:

I am fascinated by physics. Particularly the fields of mechanics and theoretical physics.

Jose Simeon Rogers's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Understanding of advanced physics concepts
  2. Understanding of Optics and Visual Arts ie: Photography and Video
  3. Proficient at Video Editing
  4. Understanding of Mechanical Systems
  5. Analytical and Practical Reasoning
  6. Ready and willing to learn new things

Jose Simeon Rogers's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Having mountain biking as a hobby also brings you into another side of the sport which is building and maintaining trails to ride on. Here in the Philippines the rain can wash away just about anything and grown barren ground into a field of weeds in a matter of days.

    To deal with this problem, We've had to change the way we build trails here to prioritize drainage above building on the actual trail itself. We've had success with different methods such as building the entire trail at angle to let water wash off before it accumulates enough volume to be destructive.

    We have also incorporated obstacles of extreme mountain biking into the drainage system. If a part of the trail crossed an area where there was a stream or a likely uncontrollable flow of water we would shape it's path and build a safe jump over the drainage stream that would not damage the trail.
  2. During a group assignment, we were sent to investigate an optical illusion at a nearby road but we did not have access to any scientific tools.

    I came up with an idea that used a clear tupperwear and a protractor to measure the angle of depression of the road. I half filled the tupperwear with water, sealed it and placed it on the foundations of a newly built building to find the best measure for 0 degrees. I then traced the level of the water on the container and glued a small layer of plastic on top of the line to rest the protractor on when measuring. I used it by placing it on the road and measuring the angle that the water made with the 0 degree control made earlier. That would be the angle of depression.

    To measure the tilt of the objects beside the road I used a weight at the end of the string and a protractor to measure angle between the object and the string.