Problem Solver

Joseph Fuuna Hawumba star Proven Solver

Areas Joseph Fuuna Hawumba is Knowledgeable in:

Wastewater treatment, microbial contaminations and identification

Techniques Joseph Fuuna Hawumba Uses:

Analysis of available research publications to identify the missing link and then propose a plausible way out;

Pursue the question experimentally and them offer an emperical solution

Joseph Fuuna Hawumba's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. odour control of dairy-farm waste
  2. Microbial characterisations and identification
  3. Water contamination analysis
  4. Microbial enzymes development
  5. Development of gray-water re-use technology
  6. bioremediation i.e. use of living organisms (plants and animals) to reclaim the environment
  7. wastewater treatment using wetlands/living machines technology

Joseph Fuuna Hawumba's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am part of the team that is developing a system to treat wastewater from city abarttoir. The design and operations of the pilot plant is near completion
  2. My laoratory has been engaged from time in analysing microbial contaminations of: Food samples, water used in Hotels, stand piped water, protected wells and springs water.
  3. I have been part of the consulting team that analysed and determined decay constant of organic municipal waste in nine major towns in Uganda
  4. I have been part of the team that developed a novel and simple method that supress bad odours on dairy farm wastes such urine
  5. I have been part of the consulting team that developed a method to identify frying oil colouring componds and method to determine them. This was done under IdeaConnection