Problem Solver

Joseph Jewell

Areas Joseph Jewell is Knowledgeable in:

Growth of bacteria at both the bench scale and pilot scale
Use of molecular biology tools to solve microbiological problems
Studies of metabolism of bacteria

Joseph Jewell's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. molecular analysis of antibiotic resistance in bacteria
  2. maintenance and growth of a variety of bacterial strains
  3. downstream processing of polysaccharide vaccine
  4. molecular biology techniques and protein purification
  5. construction and screening of genomic libraries
  6. antibiotic production in bacteria
  7. running and maintenance of pilot scale fermentors
  8. use of a variety of electrophoretic techniques for nucleic acids and proteins

Joseph Jewell's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I helped to identify and then eliminate environmental contamination of a biofuel reactor by modifying the reactor design
  2. I developed a method to extract and purify DNA from an obligate intracellular bacterial parasite to allow for the construction of a genomic library
  3. I helped to develop the methodology to be used in downstream processing of polysaccharide vaccine after fermentation
  4. I helped our electrical engineering consultant to write software for our fermentor to allow for constant maintenance of dissolved oxygen levels throughout the duration of a fermentation run