Problem Solver

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy
You and your company need to be committed to serving over profits. Profits are a byproduct of doing right and making a difference. If you think life is only about making money, I won't help you solve your problems.

I'm about enduring solutions to real problems. When you are tired of repeating the same old pattern and you're worn out from trying the quick fixes, then let's connect. We will have fun doing serious business.

Areas Kevin McCarthy is Knowledgeable in:

Clarifying the true essence of a person or business. Designing strategies and systems that accelerate and accentuate the core of their being so dreams and goals are met and prosperity can follow.

Techniques Kevin McCarthy Uses:

By writing purpose,vision, mission, and values for the organization, I get to the core sustainable financial and market value for the business. From this I can recommend designs and solution that make a dramatic difference. I help the client focus on "doing more of what they do best more profitably."

Most of the concepts of what I do can be gleaned from reading my books. Every client, however, is different, so we customize all work to the client.

Kevin McCarthy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. professional speaker, keynote, presentation, breakout sessions, seminars, workshops
  2. business growth, profitability, CEO oversight
  3. strategy, planning, writing purpose, vision, mission, and values statements
  4. leadership development, personal development, training, customer service
  5. entrepreneurship, business start-ups, second stage or mid-market growth
  6. work life balance / integration, time management
  7. commercialization of products and inventions
  8. business writing, business plans, writer, strategic story, published author, strategic story, narrative,
  9. marketing strategy, target audience analysis, brand development, research
  10. general management, business design, structure a company, corporate culture

Kevin McCarthy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Stand alone coaching. Not every client is business or CEO. I offer one-one-one coaching and small business advisory services for individuals. For those who can't afford me, personally, I have trained other coaches and advisors.
  2. Saw a patterns of business and personal problems across a number of clients. Developed an integrated approach to life and work called, The On-PurposeĀ® Approach. Wrote the concepts into two book: The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business. These books and concepts simply and powerfully transform lives and careers, plus workplaces and businesses.
  3. Many of my clients are small to mid-market CEOs and Presidents who are stuck. They need someone who can rapidly assess and get a feel for their business. I'm like a CEO's CEO who can "partner" with them on their issues, provide fresh perspective, yet not have the baggage / concerns associated with employees.
  4. $25 million / year commercial general contractor and architectural design firm in Florida was stuck for years at $25 million in projects. Working with the CEO and management team, I wrote their core strategic statements of purpose, vision, mission, and values along with a business plan and re-positioned them in the market. Three years later they were at $85 million in projects.
  5. $17 million per year family owned business in California was making zero profits for the past ten years. Owners were frustrated, employees (ESOP in place) were not happy with management. Provided a business assessment, clarified core strategy, designed a new marketing strategy, and offered employee training to take greater responsibility. Within a year, sales were still at $17 million, but profits soared to $2 million. Two years later, sales were $24 million and profits in excess of $4 million.
  6. A fast growing $100 million retail operation in Florida was hungry to sustain growth through new employee recruiting and financing. The CEO was a finance / operations person and struggled to tell their company story succinctly. After a series of interviews, I wrote a book about the company. The manuscript codified business operations and connected the dots for front line leaders and contribution to profits. Thanks mostly to a great business, but in part to the manuscript, the client sold the business to a publicly traded company and was offered the position to run worldwide operations. He declined the offer and is involved in another start-up.
  7. A thirty year old landscaping and snow removal company in Ohio was hedged in with flat sales of $4 million for the past eight years. A strategic assessment, facilitated planning sessions with key manager and team members, plus an update to their marketing results in sales breaking $5 million within one year. As importantly, the next generation of owners were pushed to make a decision about if they would be the next generation. They opted out so now the owners are free to pursue an exit strategy or leveraged buy-out by key managers.
  8. A $1.5 million dollar per year software development CEO had decided he had tapped his market and asked us to help him decide and define his next market entry. After researching the options, it became clear that he hadn't scratched the surface of his existing market where he had high credibility. We developed a strategy and plan for greater market penetration. Sales rose to $2 million within months and profits followed.
  9. A gifted home designer with five employees was barely making ends meet with revenues of only $250,000 per year. He was taking great care of his client and employees but he wasn't bringing home the bacon. After a series of conversations with the design and his office manager, we put in place new business operations, positioning, and billing methods. Within a year, his sales rose to $450,000, his job satisfaction increased dramatically, and his take home pay made his wife happy.
  10. Personal / executive coaching is a large part of our practice and central to client success in business. Unless the leader is genuinely willing to grow and improve, the business is unlikely to see the same on a sustainable basis. Our best clients want to mature as leaders, are hungry to learn, and are motivated by creating value for customers and themselves.