Problem Solver

Lawrence Bopp

Areas Lawrence Bopp is Knowledgeable in:

bioremediation, infectious disease

Techniques Lawrence Bopp Uses:

careful analysis of current state of the art, with emphasis on areas where improvements can be made.
attention to unexpected results of experiments. These often lead to the most useful insights

Lawrence Bopp's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. >30 years experience in environmental and medical microbiology, especially bioremediation and infectious diseases
  2. several years experience using modern biotech methods for research
  3. considerable experience with DNA, genetic analysis of microorganisms
  4. well informed in general biology - I teach bio majors general bio
  5. many years of experience in amtimicrobial drug research funded by pharmaceutical industry

Lawrence Bopp's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. developed methods for evaluating the intracellular activity of antibiotics against Legionella pheumophila. Results of research using these methods were instrumental in the FDA approving tigecycline (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, now a division of Pfizer) for treatment of community acquired pneumonia
  2. made important discoveries about the effects of antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus, epsecially with respect to the formation of small colony variants, and devised treatment strategies for infections caused by these organisms
  3. discovered chromate reducing bacterium and developed methods for using this organism to detoxify chromate-containing waste and remove the chromium from contaminated water (patented)
  4. used the above mentioned microorganism for in situ bioremediation of PCB-contaminated sites
  5. developed a new method for isolation of PCD-degrading bacteria (patented) and discovered the most effective PCB-degrading bacterium yet found using this method (patented) Google LB400 for information about this organism
  6. etc.