Problem Solver

Lorenzo DiCesare

I am unfortunately Italian. So we are the only men that made something brave and serious ... for people.

Techniques Lorenzo DiCesare Uses:

I make my self complete survey and analisys of the situation (all the item: location, requests, wishing, social and economical conditions, proximity facilities, ,,,) Then I study the issue and tech and natural field. Eventually i search for already solved similar problems. If any or noone is satisfactory for me I think and generally found solutions by myself.

Lorenzo DiCesare's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Tech transfer

Lorenzo DiCesare's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Electric transportation cars, buses, batteries. Power trasmission maintenance, new airplane systems, new airplanes services, new helicopeters build, air and water pollution remediation (my inventions), new power hydro generator, new tools for industry, many new combustion engine technology, improvement in F1 races, recycling and waste eliminating, .....