Problem Solver

Loveleen Sharma

Loveleen Sharma
i will simply say don't bother, just ASK - you will get the best solution possible.
that is for sure

Areas Loveleen Sharma is Knowledgeable in:

telecom, engineer design, man power management, computer science, basic science, sports equipments

Techniques Loveleen Sharma Uses:

during the at that time i solved that problem by making people work in shifts
instead of spending on other things i spended on the food and clothing for the people working under me
rather that usuing specific lifting syatem we used simple pulley systems to raise the equipments to the top of the towers
many oter things were taken care of like bad whether and less people but with bonus in the daily wages and rotating shifts we solved the problem

once i PC was restarting on its own and nothing else
i saw that its too hot and i was in rajasthan so i said to the person of that PC that u r sitting under fan think abt this PC too he swiched on the desert cooler and placed the PC in front of that and as a result that PC didnt REstaRTED again

like such many problems regarding design of circuits
i reduced many hard and longest circuits to simpler and smaller forms by usunig new and advanced ICs and chips

Loveleen Sharma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. clear business fundamentals , sharp analytical skills, updated current technologies, interconnecting one technology with other

Loveleen Sharma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i was working with a vendor company for the implementatin of network for Aircel project as senior engineer
    we were lagging by 2 weeks due shotage of people and bad whether and raw material

    iam often recommended for solving hardware troubleshooting among my company

    i am regularly solving problems on exercising and sports equipments