Problem Solver

Loyd fairweather

Areas Loyd fairweather is Knowledgeable in:

Free cell phones.
Automation of all types.

Techniques Loyd fairweather Uses:

I look beyond the normal way of doing things.
Logic plus risk taking.
Educated guesswork.

Loyd fairweather's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. automation engineering small scale.
  2. recycling engineering
  3. general inventions
  4. product market evaluation
  5. instrumentation design
  6. Free cell phone system design.
  7. Solar energy thermal to mechanical to electrical systems (8 years)

Loyd fairweather's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Automated small bore paper tube manufacturing machine design.
    With production rates of up to 1 million tubes per year.
    $60,000 machine.
  2. Small bore automated tube filling machine.1 million tubes per year.
    Mainly aimed at the fireworks industry.
    Complete design and machine fabrication and all electronic
    controls build at my shop.
    $50,000 machine.Picture available.
  3. Customer interactive video rental system. (Vending machine)
    Complete system (turnkey).
    Programming and machine parts all fabricated by me.
    This took 5 years to complete.
    Pictures available.
  4. Free cell phone system design.
  5. Eight years development work on Stirling engine solar power.
    Similar to Scandia labs design only 1 kw output.
  6. Largest display fireworks shell design concept with 1/2 mile diameter.
    Slow open times of 4 to 5 times longer than conventional and silent.
    Expensive at $1000 plus per shell.