Problem Solver

Luca Pinna

Areas Luca Pinna is Knowledgeable in:

IP Routing and Switching, optical transport

Luca Pinna's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. IPTV (Amino STB with Streamtel Video Encoder working experience)
  2. VoIp installing and troubleshooting (Asterisk, Voismart working experience)
  3. Network plans and documentation maintaining
  4. Implementation plans, best practices and template development
  5. Routing & switching configuring and troubleshooting (multi-vendor experience)
  6. Microsoft Windows and Linux workstation/server administration
  7. Office productivity software (Microsoft, Open Office)

Luca Pinna's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Unable to set IP phone lock on Asterisk PBX. Developed a blocking context script (user password) that prevents user dialing to external extensions.
  2. Amino STB and Philips TV not working as aspected even if connected with the TVI link. Solved creating a dedicated script using Amino programming language and configuring the right TVI communication protocol on TV.
  3. VRF IP packets not forwarded to BGP neighbors. The issue was due to the forwarding on a non MPLS link (backup path). Solved blocking BGP relationship on affected neighbors with an IP ACL applied to backup interfaces.
  4. MPLS / BGP issue with external BGP update (P-router) solved with a route-map applied to BGP neighbor.
  5. Cisco 3750 Metro abnormal memory consumption. Issue located on equal-cost multi-path routing. Solved disabling the feature and then updating router firmware.